Hello honey, I’m late (late harvested gourmet honey)


Hello honey, I’m late is late harvested gourmet honey from Finland. Bees have visited raspberry, clover and field mustard flowers, which has added a beautiful white color to the honey. The white honey is one of the most appreciated honey types worldwide.

All the honey is produced in our own beehives. All parts of the honey package are supplied from Finland and most of them are also manufactured here.

Every stage of honey production, from beekeeping, to honey packaging, is done by us. This is how we can guarantee premium quality from hive to jar. For us it is important, that bees are taken care of respectfully. The honey is collected, slung and handled without heating. The honey is kneaded soft – nothing added, nothing taken away from it.

Hello honey comes in a gift package: the glass honey jar is wrapped into black silk paper. The honey jar is inside the black cylinder.

Hello honey, I’m late was awarded as the best honey of Southern Finland in 2017.

Net weight: 275 g (9,7 oz)

Best before: 1.10.2020 (d/m/y)

Country of origin: Finland

Shipping cost: 4,95 €/order in Finland, 14,95 €/order worldwide

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