Hello honey, I’m one of a kind (honeydew honey)


Hello honey, I’m one of a kind is a collection of the most exclusive Finnish mono-floral honey varieties. Bees have visited mostly in the flowers of a specific plant. This gives unique characteristics to each one of a kind mono-floral honey: taste, texture and color are affected by plant origin.

Honeydew is a sweet liquid produced by aphids from noble trees such as a linden tree. Honeybees collect the liquid and turn it into honeydew honey.

Honeydew honey is dark and it stays liquid longer than my other honey varieties. It has a pine-like taste which makes you think of walking in the Finnish forest. The honeydew honey goes into honey jars as liquid, but it will crystallize in time.

Net weight: 150 g (5,3 oz)

Best before: 10.12.2022 (d/m/y)

Country of origin: Finland

Shipping cost: 4,95 €/order in Finland, 14,95 €/order in EU countries

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