Mehiläistarhaaja Nora Mäntysaari, Yrittäjän ensimmäinen vuosi Nora Mäntysaari Hello honey

Protecting pollinators


I am concerned about pollinator decline and so should you be. All the news about bee colonies collapsing and the amount of flying insects decreasing made me worried. “What could I do for them?” So I decided to become a beekeeper.

I am Master of Science from University of Helsinki and I majored in Animal Genetics & Breeding. I did my minor studies in Wildlife Research & Management, Marketing and Business Economics. I have also done Vocational Examination in Beekeeping.

I protect a rare bee breed called Nordic dark bees. It is our native honey bee in Finland. Only 1 % of our beekeepers have that specific breed, so it is truly endangered.

Volunteering is a huge part of my life and I used to be the youngest Member of Board in the Finnish Beekeepers’ Association. Nowadays I introduce the new beekeepers to bees – what could be a better way to pass the things I have learnt with bees!


Finhoney Oy

Nora Mäntysaari

+358 50 592 3056

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