Hello honey, I’m one of a kind (heather honey, trial batch)


Heather is one of summer’s last nectar sources for bees in Finland. This year we had a surprisingly warm August, so I managed to produce heather honey for the first time. The heather honey was collected by Nordic Dark Bees in the Finnish archipelago, Parainen island. They are our native honey bees in Finland. Only 1 % of our beekeepers have that specific breed, so it is truly endangered.

The heather honey is dark red. The texture of the heather honey may be a bit jelly-like, so it might contain bubbles. The heather honey has intensive, floral and slightly bitter taste.

Please note! This is a trial batch for testing the demand on heather honey for bigger production. This honey jar contains a black lid without the lid seal individualizing the origin plant.

Hello honey, I’m one of a kind is a collection of the most exclusive Finnish mono-floral honey varieties. Bees have visited mostly in the flowers of a specific plant. This gives unique characteristics to each one of a kind mono-floral honey: taste, texture and color are affected by plant origin. Mono-floral honey varieties are harvested after the blooming of each origin plant.

Net weight: 150 g (5,3 oz)

Best before: 12.9.2022 (d/m/y)

Country of origin: Finland

Shipping cost: 4,95 €/order in Finland, 14,95 €/order worldwide

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